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We practice integrative medicine which blends the best of old and new medicine to provide the best suited care for patients of all ages.


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Experiences from our Patients...

Thorough and Friendly

"We use Dr. Jensen as a PCP and Pediatrician. He is excellent. He stays up to date with the latest studies, is very knowledgeable, and takes his time to really listen and talk to us. I live over 30 minutes away from his office but it is well worth the drive to go to a doctor who is caring and is willing to take the time to make sure we're in good health. I've yet to find another doctor in the East Valley that will try everything they can to fix a problem or find out where it's coming from, rather than just prescribe drug after drug to cover up symptoms. Great doctor, highly recommend!"

Up-to-date High Quality Care

"My family of 5 have been patients of Dr. Jensen for seven years. As a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner student myself I have high standards and Dr. Jensen has never let me down. He is very knowledgeable and keeps up on the latest treatments and medications. His integrated holistic approach is the perfect combination of Western and Complementary Medicine. I now live 30 minutes away but his practice is well worth the drive. I have referred friends and neighbors from North Gilbert and Mesa and all have agreed that Dr. Jensen and his practice provide excellent care!"

Concerned and Supportive

"Most of my life doctors have used my weight as an easy answer for anything that was ever wrong with me, though my weight has actually caused very few of my health issues. Dr. Jensen has been the best doctor I've ever had. He listens and addresses all my concerns. I'm in the best health I've ever been in under his care. And just having the incredible support of him and his caring staff encourages me to take responsibility for the things that I can control which make my whole life better. Oh yes, I recommend him to my friends and family, everyone who has seen him has switched to his practice."